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Duct Cleaning Ballarat

Here at Clean As A Whistle, we feel that it is our duty to you as the customer to keep the air in your home safe and healthy.

Using our unique cleaning ram technology that is able to reach up to 6 meters down any duct, we go straight to the source of dust in your vents. In addition, we also treat the ducts with bacto gas to neutralize any existing bacteria, and we clean the return air so that the ducts do not become re-contaminated after cleaning. Using our high quality dust covers, we are able to prevent dust from escaping during the cleaning process.

Not only does this cleaning process allow for better air circulation throughout your home, you will be able to breathe cleaner air. We have over ten years of experience in duct cleaning, and, with the assistance of Celsius Heating and Cooling, we are able to meet all of your duct heating and cleaning needs. If you have ever have any questions or comments, please do not ever hesitate to contact us as our staff is ready and able to serve you promptly.  In fact, Russell (the owner) carries out all of the work personally.

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